The Night Roses

Thursday, June 24.

Officially one can say, ‘Happy Summer!’ Summer’s temperament has arrived long before the marking on the calendar or our planet’s spot on its orbit.

Just as my reaction to spring surprised me, I am almost overwhelmed by the call of summer! Spring renewed my awe at nature’s ability to grow. After a year of pandemic, the greening of plants seemed miraculous.

Summer beckons quite differently, but I am again amazed at my own internal draw to the season. It’s time for warmth – no – heat! Humidity calls for a body to perspire, to move and to move more. I want to walk, bicycle, and garden all in the same day, all at once, then collapse asleep.

And, flowers…I never noticed how lovely roses are, in the evening.

My mother reminds me to ‘keep softening’. Her advice could be interpreted in several directions and I like to apply it as such!

The lines of buildings, of home and Matthias, need softening. They need the curves, bends and colors of Mother Nature.

They need flowers. Even at night, they need flowers.

What a wonderful blend with which to experiment! Buildings with structures designed to withstand decades and almost a century of changes. They still need touches.

And flowers, roses, no less! Even at night…

Lots of love, Love.

Stephanie, tbd.

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