Welcome to my creative home, thebrickdandelion.com.  I wish to share with you my journal of creative pursuits to inspire your own – whether it be by ideas, stories or the presentation of what I am up to lately.

Stephanie thebrickdandelion
Sunday at the Matthias Gallery

As a single lady, I have been down many an interesting road with just as many tales to tell and experiences to share!  (You might say I have well-earned, well-fought wisdom!)  But those ‘less than’ moments reinforced within me the necessity of creating ones life.  I firmly believe in supporting those efforts!  We all benefit when each of us shines!

No matter your gender, your ethnicity, or your beliefs, create your life.  To be the best you, create your unique life’s expression.  It is your footprint of faith.  It is your loving gift to you and the world.

(And that is just a snippet of wisdom!)

It is not easy to be the soft-spoken, smiling blonde.  I am used to the world misjudging me. (wink).  I have however, found that no matter if you are experiencing the worst of times or the best of times, the hardest person to be is a person you are not.  Therefore I accept the judgment of the world with a smile and a gentle – albeit guarded – heart.

But I would have to warn you.  Don’t be fooled by this book’s cover. (okay, here comes the necessary ‘brag tag’).

I hold an MBA from Cardinal Stritch University and an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and German from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point.  My career path has been varied from my earliest experiences in retail, restaurant and journalism to eleven years in the property-casualty insurance industry;  from ten years teaching subject areas of art, mathematics, language arts and technology to students of ages preschool through high school;  and, to my current employment in the health insurance industry.

Winter 2018 The Matthias Building
The Matthias Building Winds Paradox

Since 2014 I have been actively renovating a 1923 brick building to house an art gallery, gathering space and commercial/retail businesses. I lease spaces in another building, a one hundred year old renovated brick glove factory building.  Both buildings and the development of an online art gallery I am creating as my company, Winds Paradox.

Five years ago I began blog writing as I struggled with the death of my father, the deterioration of my marriage of twenty years, the sudden loss of my job and the potentially crippling injuries to both of my knees.  I continued writing thebrickdandelion as I faced new challenges of rebuilding life.

In the woods
A lady in the woods

I choose to live on my own, with a career, with a son (who is soon off to college!) and with a developing business.  I live simply in the woods with a lovable cat, a wildly funny dog and that young man with whom I have been blessed, for these eighteen and a half years.

My snowy bungalow
My little home glows in the late winter snow cover.


From the peace of the woods to the buildings with which I have been blessed, I learn to be me;  to accept what I am and to enjoy the constant tension between the world’s expectations of a lady and the woman soul whom I was made to be.  Oddly, in that constant tension is where I have found my hearts content!


In these physical places, I am inspired to create.  Formally, as my business name Winds Paradox describes, I am a paradox of sorts – as we all are – a paradox created by the spirit of the wind, of breath.

My dream space develops!
I decided not to wait for the studio – create it now.



Day to day, I feel more like the dandelion weed in the midst of bricks aka a schmuck needing expression!

But it is rather ironic how hardy a dandelion can be.

And how beautiful.







I apologize for not having my email ready yet, but I would ask that you check back in the month ahead for updates, changes and the email list to subscribe.

Please let me leave you with one of my father’s favorite sayings that he carried in his wallet:


“You came into the world not because you chose to – or where you chose to – but because the world had need of you.” ~ Epictetus


Please return soon! Until then, please remember the world has need of you and all that you are.

Love, lots of love and a kiss just because…

Stephanie thebrickdandelion







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