I Hope They’re Bowling…

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Happy Father’s Day!

I remember my son, at a tender age, coming to me with his characteristic inquisitiveness, “Mom,”

“Why do people say thunderstorms are caused by G-d bowling?”

Looking into those deep eyes, the question he posed ran just as deep. As a mom that moment felt like the universe. Why would I hide His creation of lightning and thunder? Why would I not explain the science of rainstorms and atmospheric disturbances? Why would I change the reality?

Plus, any other explanation would not fly with him. If an answer would not make sense, he would keep searching.

In the instance of the question, my mind flashed to my own childhood. I cannot remember anyone ever explaining thunderstorms with the notion of G-d bowling. I do remember the glorious thunderstorms which rumbled to Lake Michigan, then back again.

I would awaken late in the night. Summers I had spent at my grandparents house. My grandfather, a normally silent and stern man, told me to count the seconds between lightning and thunder. We stood in the darkened dining room. The only light peeked from the kitchen sink’s lamp overhead.

I remember standing with the tall man, counting, until I tired enough to return upstairs.

Driving home, in the unbelievably early morning hours, I met a thunderstorm. As I exited the freeway, I forgot about the dangers of being on ‘high ground’ to snap some photos.

I smiled as the storm rumbled around me. For the first time in my life, I wondered about the heavens bowling.

To my father and his brothers.. to the male energy of the universe..,

I hope you are bowling…

Lots of love, Love…


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