The Brick Dandelion?

July 3, 2021

Red roses. Brick wall. I was staring at red roses and a brick wall! I had stopped mid stride to search myself. “Am I still the Brick Dandelion? Why was I ever a Brick Dandelion?”

Am I still this brick dandelion?

Roses and bricks. I stared at the two story brick exterior of the Matthias Building. Seven years we have cared for each other. Storms, both manmade and au naturale have crossed our path. And a singular path it’s been.

Along the way, I started my company, Winds Paradox, which takes care of the building, renovating to become an art gallery with gathering and work spaces.

But that is another part of the story. And yes, Winds Paradox, the company, and The Brick Dandelion, the creation, made the journey together.

Many religious stories and parables of faith describe the necessity of clearing out weeds. Of course, dandelions are weeds. I was someones weed, a flower of no import. A weed.

I stare at the rose and brick. What a journey, from dandelion in the rubble to now. When the upper parapets of Matthias needed rebuilding, I rather thoughtlessly had the 1920’s brick remnants delivered to my home. I had seen myself as that flowering dandelion weed which had stubbornly poked through that pile of brick.

Years later, the brick rubble disappeared into the interior foundation of my home’s stone fence line. Once in a while a dandelion sprouts in the cracks between Matthias and the sidewalk pavement.

But I am the last of what remains from that rubble.

So I experiment with my new fondness of roses as if they were a new invention. I am always surprised by their existence. They look amazingly soft, vibrant and flowing.

Sigh.., such a state of being, for this dandelion soul…

Happy Fourth of July!!

Lots of love, Love.


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