After the July Storms.

My dive into cosmetics reboot!

Just the lights from the Jeep and the moonlight through the hazy deep night skies shown in the yard. Even through the thick wooded barrier between the north neighbor and me, no spot of a yard light.

The storm’s winds caused power lines to fail. Sometimes the poles themselves break but more than likely a tree had tumbled upon the lines somewhere between here and “there”.

It’s the craziest grid but only from my perspective. Back in the woods, the electrical line comes south from the nearest junction spot. The line itself snakes underground, in a pathway around tree roots and more tree roots. It delicately dances on property lines. It was a more cost effective approach than running the line northward, connecting from the line of neighbors on the same road.

Two in the morning I drove home from work. The worst of the storm missed the store and it’s surrounding community. The night commute, if I had been working late, was always dark, but certain signs, businesses and houses always seem to dot the highway’s edges.

The first stretch was remarkably the same as other nights. Heading west, one would never know a severe storm had passed through. On the turn south, the moonlight shone brighter. It reflected off the dampened pavement of the highway, like a river through the trees.

That’s when a person notices. It took a bit. Preoccupied with replaying the day’s happenings, my mind always takes a while to switch gears. A regular forty-seven minute road trip helps with that process. Signs and distant town lights had disappeared among the trees.

Just the Jeep and moonlight!

“No power,” I reminded myself. The early morning darkness was interrupted only by the headlights of my Jeep and that moon, that glorious beacon.

Days of Change.

There are days which change you. My current trip around the sun begins with series of days of change. Just subtleties which when banked at the end of the day cause a person to reflect on that drive home.

Like waves, each day, each half day even, shifts the sands. Same shore, but the outline changes. And it’s never the crashing waves of surfer lore but the gentle persistence of lapping waters.

My white roses seem to enjoy their new home at my home.

When in doubt, white lace!

Power was restored two days later. I had worried so much about navigating through months of personal and professional changes but the absence of life’s basic pleasures jolted my attentions. Not unexpectedly I learned I had not only updated my skills but I had also updated my expectations.

Even at fifty-six, I get scared. I worry. But then I stop. I doubt myself less and less. I will probably always wonder at my particular life’s path. I will always wonder why these lessons I did not learn earlier. I know they came about me several times.

Hmm. Still so many mysteries in my own life. And I believe I am just a speck in the universe of speck mysteries. I think it’s the most exciting piece of life. To live, to have the capability to yet discover, and maybe uncover to understand mysteries.

I get chills just thinking about it all. (But first I am grateful to have electricity restored!)

I hope your path is filled with delightful mysteries – just enough to keep your noodle guessing – hypothesizing, researching and learning.

Exciting. (Plus, I hope you are surrounded by trees. And flowers. And birds..)

From my own little slice of Eden, I wish you love. Loads of love, luv.


ps. Stay safe. Stay healthy…

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