Thank you, Mom!

Lard and tablespoons of the iciest water are among the four ingredients of the best pie crust recipe. Four ingredients, just four makes the layers flaky and rich. It is the perfect compliment to any filling.

I only make pies twice or three times per year with one of those being Thanksgiving. I consider buying ready made crust. But every year I love the cutting of the pastry dough. My mother’s recipe echos her voice, reminding me to cut the dough until it looks like cornmeal. I add ice cold water, one tablespoon at a time, until the mixture can be pressed into a ball.

“Don’t let it get too sticky,” my mother would guide me.

I smile as I roll the ball into a flattened crust. I remember her baking pies.

In a few minutes I will mix the cucumber salad. It was one of my father’s favorites. A simple dish of salt, vinegar, sugar and water, the cucumbers added a light zing to holiday meals.

As you experience your Thanksgiving, I hope you enjoy simple pleasures and happy foods. I hope your gatherings and your alone moments are soothing and warm.

And I hope you have a chance at living memories.

Mostly, I wish to thank you.

And, of course, love. Oodles of love to you,



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