A Breath of Wind

March 3, 2021


You are light.

You became light to my eyes and

That makes me happy.

Happy to see your light.



I am dark. Oddly now, I am dark.

I became your darkness.

And that makes me happy too.


It’s as it should have been.


The closest, at wings’ tips.

A bend, now and then.

With a tip, a nod, a glance,

Now and again…

A breath of Wind.


I had been wondering,

Why you never chose to let me know


There is no answer

Better than

The absence of an answer,


Or the acknowledgement of its



I am contented. You

Were the light all along.


Were thought.

And it really was,

It really was


Who makes a person think.

Late evening, 2/23/2021.

~ I have much needed practice with poetry. Even though I review the text over and over, whenever I finish reading this one, I absolutely adore how it makes me feel.

That is what I wish to share with you…

Blessings, love and please…a kiss to boot!

The Brick Dandelion,

Stephanie. xo

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