Wednesday, September 14th, 2016.

I could just scream the scream of innermost screams.  Yep, I might need to work on my vocabulary, but given that assessment, for the time being I will stick with repeating the word ‘scream’ three times in one sentence.

Tuesdays are that part of the path known for briars, raspberry bushes and potential poison ivy.  They are the days of danger?  No, not usually.  They are not cliffhangers to a persons journey typically.  Tuesdays will not make the adventure channel on television.  Typically…

But to get to the best spots in life, to the glory of all glories climbing tree or the most tranquil scenic spot below the best tree overlooking the lake in the very best spot, sometimes it means mosquitoes and raspberry bushes.



“I do apologize.  This Wednesday morning I find myself… well, at a loss for words all of a sudden.  One could choose not to write – skip it. But I feel that would be lying, to you and to me.  While multi-tasking, I saw some paperwork which caused me to think.  After a Tuesday part of the path….

Well, one often hears and learns of forgiveness.  To forgive trespasses.  There is no doubt I have been through a great deal of many of my years of life.  I cannot hide that.  I always have believed that those truths will always be known when G-d chooses.  It is not mine of which to speak because the greatest gifts I ever received was my son…

And deliverance.  I lead a life following my heart and using my head.

In the past weeks…. and then Tuesday. And now this morning….”

Regaining composure after trekking through raspberry bushes, I look down first to make sure I still have underwear because quite frankly and indelicately stated, that is the gnarliest path I have ever ever heard about or experienced.  The map did not show raspberries and briars!  I could have planned better.  Wearing shorts probably was not the ideal lower body gear.  I am scratched, a bit bloodied and for some reason my mind always traces back to “when was my tetanus shot?”

I have my underwear.  I always wear good shoes, if I am wearing shoes at all and I am old enough to realize head gear is preventative gear on many fronts.  Plus water.  Gotta have water.  I made it to the clearing.  “Dear G~d, thank you,” I pray.  I wonder at what kind of path that was.  The forest did not look that densely grown and surely there was a path although…

I stand in the clearing…the sun!  The sun!  When I turn around to see where I have come from, to look at the path that surely I carved through the brush;  i have the evidence with bloodied scratches all over my legs…

There was no path.

The sun! The sun!  (thank G~d again for a good brimmed hat!)

Turning away from where I thought I had come from, from that nonexistent path, I look in the opposite direction, to where I was headed..

The perfect tree.

Happy Wednesday!  Go find your tree!





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