No Lie Tuesday

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I am not going to lie, Tuesdays are the hardest.  We all have them, those days in which one puts on the ‘brave face from your happy place.’ Tuesdays are not the culmination nor are they the final exam nor are they the ultimate test of grace.

But I guess it depends upon which Tuesday….

Maybe I am learning that those Tuesdays, those unremarkable days of the week, are really the days of ones own passage into new schedules and step one of ‘the plan’.  Or they might be ‘step five’.  But even better….

Tuesdays might be the perfect day to re-do ‘Step 3.1a’ of ones plan.  If a person did not live ‘Tuesdays’, then what value would Friday or Sunday be?  Most important is the quality of Tuesday itself.  It is not merely a day to ‘get through’.

Tuesdays are the rocks on the shore, worn by the elements and time.  Once in while, you find a perfect, flat one which will skip the water effortlessly with kisses of wishes…

Happy Tuesday! (Brave.Happy.Face or graceful skipping rock of wishes.)

Chose wisely….



There is always room for a wish..or thirty!

#thewishesoftuesdays #skiptherock #imjustme #thebrickdandelion #fiftyonemeanscontinualworkinprogress



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