Bits or bites?

Monday, September 12, 2016.

Mondays often come with the bark of ‘Sit up straight’ or ‘Get up already’ or ‘Put it away, Steph.’  Or it could be just me…

I am resetting myself.  No unplug, then replug.  No, but I was thinking that a realignment was in order.  Peace at the end of the day is enough.  But peace in the morning? Is both nonexistent (kitten issues!) and with the dawning of a new day, means change.

I am not writing in the right order.  I am not exercising, sleeping, eating, cleaning, and working as I should.  No, scratch that.  I am.  But I am not doing it the way I want to do all those things and more.  Hmm.  So if I am in business and if I am living a peaceful coexistence with the world, one in which I care for only that which I care for.. well, then should I not care?  And, does it not begin with me?

I was writing bills last evening.  Looking at paperwork.  There are papers upon papers of insurance binders and declarations pages and all the subsequent mailings of product offerings.  There are versions upon versions of bills and payments.  I have been worried for a long time.  I left things out for a moments notice when I might need them. I left things because I did not know what to do with them.  Finally, I left out paperwork for that perfect opportunity to perfectly color-code the file folders…

(Insert eye roll).

I was stunned last night to realize that there are bills which are complete and declarations pages of many sorts.  All which are….Done.

Done. Done. Done.

I can put things away. I can care for myself and all for which I care about.  I can even dream again. 

But first:  It’s Monday!  It’s my favorite day of the week, next to Sunday.  Friday.  Wednesday (mini-Friday). Saturdays – duh, Steph…

where did these come from?


Peace. Peace to piece life properly, a bit, a bite at a time.

May your Monday be so Blessed and lovely….



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