Turkey karma

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


I read a book years ago – I dislike to admit it was a self-help, gooey gumdroppy book – but it turned out to be one of my very favorites.  I think of the book daily, especially when, the author is describing her relationship with God, wishing he would show her love like he does to others.  I believe she had wanted to see seals or whales or something as she walked along a beach – praying for a sign, then grumbling because nothing happened.  She describes her prayers, her feelings and her relationships with her God and herself – really how she was developing.  She relives the moment when walking along the beach, in a personal funk, she came across the sight of a beach laden with glowing starfish – thousands of them.

She did not get seals or whales.  She got thousands of glowing starfish…as she walked her walk.

I feel the same about wild turkeys.  They follow the deer trails through the woods, connecting feeding spots to feeding spots with safe travel tucked among the undergrowth of wild honeysuckle bushes and thorny, wild raspberries.  Still in their groupings, they look the same with bark-colored feathers, but they act so different.  The hens encircle the almost-growns and the toms are beginning to strut away from the rest of the group.  On this particular morning, I not only had turkeys down the road, but I had turkeys perched upon the neighbors garden fence.  Pigeons. They looked like twelve pound pigeons! Or, feathery bowling pins….

I wondered today about what makes a person feel like that best version of oneself.  What makes a person feel smart or beautiful or…. “worthy”.  Such ageless questions with no real answer except, and hopefully, within ones own heart.  Off and on I thought about that question throughout the day.

I also thought about the days, like today, in which the bad weather promises never really arrive but the sun stays tucked away as well.  Even my clothes today were a grand combination of a twenty year old long flowered skirt with my favorite, holes-in-the-elbow cashmere cardigan and a new piece, a dark clay hippie elephant tank with the written words “Live.Laugh.Love”.  I thought the mixture was heavenly but  one never can really tell with outfits.

As I finished the workday, I drove home thinking of the quiet splendor of days like today.  Days after days of peaceful recognition of ones soul.

Among the repetition of daily turkey sightings, uneventful drives, and regular walks, I see now that these are the days which rest the warrior to leave space and energy for the developing…




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