Grand Jete’

Thursday, September 1, 2016

On the laziest of mornings I find myself watching the birds with Poesey. She begins her study of the activity at the birdfeeder with the graceful nonchalance of a purebred lady.  She seems quite content to watch from afar, letting those winged creatures come and go.  

And then?  I wish I knew exactly what causes her to pounce.  I wish I knew why sometimes she chooses stealth mode rather than the ‘spread eagle’ dive, headlong and four paws fanned.  I had thought that the constant stream of chickadees to the window feeder would cease with the equally constant efforts of one attack kitten.  Nope.  The chickadees come.  The kitten pounces.  Each only separated from the other by double layers of glass.


I began to dance again but I notice the year or so in which I have not stretched or practiced properly.  That, combined with age, makes for a rough beginning in which ones back does not bend as far as remembered.  The legs need retraining on balance and the concept of line.  It will be a long road with pounds to lose and practices to practice in order to get back on my toes.  

I hauled the garbage outside late last night, keeping the house entrance light lit but darkening the garage door lights.  I could see enough to see my way although I could do so with my eyes closed.  Dark enough though to walk glancing up at the Milky Way in the sky all the while monitoring my steps.

Up. Down. Up. More up. Down.  And, I do not really know when I started, but I threw the smelly trash bag into the dumpster, turned back toward the entrance light when I noticed my shadow.  Although it skewed my body’s outline, I could still check the line of my pointed toes and outstretched fingers.  I danced, thinking of getting back on my toes.  I danced with the clumsiest of abandon, laughing until I realized another goal.  I do not just want to get on my toes.

I want to do what I always loved to do.  What I was good at. (But I have bad knees.. But, but, but..)  I do not just wish to get back on my toes… I wish to jump.  I wish to feel the air and my legs as I grand jete’.  

undignified lady

undignified…thank goodness..

Please, be what you are.  “The world has need of you.” ~ Epictetus.



#grandjetegoal #theattackkitten #theworldhasneedofyou #thebrickdandelion


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