Sunday nights

Sunday, August 28, 2016

The grass by my Esther building is thicker than it ever has been (which really means in comparison to only one other summer!).  The weeds outlining the foundation are thicker as well.  

But how could I ever complain about either?  

It was late Sunday evening when I checked on the other building, whom I have always thought of as “Matthias”.  I never wanted to write here, in these stories about either building.  I never want to brag.  To not share them with you though seems like a puzzle with a missing piece.  Plus, part of me are those two buildings.  Yep, I am that Blessed.  (I don’t know how either, in case that either popped in your head as a question or as a comment.)  They are my dream turned reality.

work it.

Of course the reality of both of them nearly killed me.  (I mean it figuratively … I think!)  Then there are moments like tonight which bring me back to the beginning which is a blessing all in itself.  I line the entrances of Matthias with pots of mums, daisies and more mums.  I believe my wonderful eighty-six year old neighbor waters them on her nightly walks, but I check on the buildings and the flowers anyway.  I used to go every Sunday evening, very late, by Matthias, to work on windows or to just walk around with dreams of what the building would become.

But even before I owned it, I would stare at it, noticing every detail, falling in love with a building I knew forever, remarking how similar its story was to mine.  Tonight I realized I was doing all the usual ‘owner’ things when….it caught my eye.

The bricklayers’ pattern from the 1920’s.  Five layers of bricks laid lengthwise then one layer with the short end out.  Five to one.  I later learned it was the way to reinforce the wall structure.  Five to one.  I remember the first time, almost three years ago, when I became absolutely entranced with that pattern.  Every day I would check on it.  Every day I would wonder what it meant and why it was done the way it was done.

So tonight was nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary, from what I usually do.  Sunday evening after celebrating a Sunday with a bit slower pace than the rest of the week but sometimes not succeeding.  Even if the entire cannot be given in that spirit there always seems to be those Sunday moments of miraculous breath.  So when I was ready to jump in the Jeep to return home, I looked at the stars so perfectly bedazzling the velvet sky.  It was as if someone grabbed my face to focus upon those bricks which entranced me years ago.

I had forgotten.  While I focus upon paperwork and strategies of creating a business, I had forgotten that bit of magic.  Oh sure I still marvel at the building daily, but not like tonight.  Tonight those bricks reminded me of the pattern created by bricklayers generations ago.  Tonight reminded me that those bricks have their own sort of special magic.

Or it could be just me.

I am finding a peculiar joy in the discoveries of my equally peculiar sense of style….

Yep, it could be just me.

im running with it
I don’t know that I have a choice, but just to run with it… Christmas penguin socks, Birkies, and blue jeans.  Runway trend? No. Home?  Almost as fun as barefeet…



#myownpeculiarsenseofstyle #thebrickdandelionisliving #iwearChristmassocksyearround #imjustme #happinessinwisconsin

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