Saturday, August 13, 2016/Sunday, August 14, 2016

Happy Weekend!

I would like to pretend that it is very, very early on Sunday morning, but it is not!  It is noon hour already!  I panic for a moment, only to be calmed by the realization that it is Sunday.  Ah, Sunday.  Yep, definitely my favorite day of the week.

(I seriously do not know how it got to be noon hour..)

Plus, it is one of my favorite times of the year, although this year….I did not see one shooting star of the famous Perseid meteor shower.  Not one.  Two days I grumped about the inconvenience of nightly cloud cover as if I could somehow shove those blasted clouds away by thought, wish and prayer.  Um, no, Steph.  They are clouds.

Last night I tried again.  With clear skies I thought certainly I deserved a shooting star for my unparalleled persistence, prayer, determination, and belief.  Hm.  Again, Steph. No.  They are bits and fragments of permanently caught in an orbit which the earth intersects each year.  And this time?  You are not going to see a shooting star.


But maybe, as I turn the experience into a lesson for myself, I realized something.  A person can look at life as the series of events which unfold in each life – our lives are a series of steps.  I can pick how I view my life.  I want it to be a meaningful life, so I make it so.  And in a year in which the meteor shower, for me, is no meteor shower at all, I choose to… Well, ok, first I complained a bit.  To the stars.  Then I pleaded.  For just one star, one meteor passing through wicked atmospheric gases to glow for my eyes, my very nerve cells to become aware of, like some cosmic message…

Still no shooting star.

So….I sat there in the dark, after complaining to the dark sky….

Until I looked again.  And I thanked G-d for my beautiful sentinel trees whose inkblot blackness shown deeper than the sky.  And I looked at the constellations with the appearance of Cygnet, like a giant diamond swan over them.

And I smiled as I wrapped up my evening of stargazing.  Sometimes the razzle-dazzle in life is found…

When you don’t get the shooting star.

Love and stars and trees and all good things to you!


A change of signs where I work.  What makes a sign?  I guess it could be the lit-up version…I don’t know.. I like knowing a sign is a series of circuits..

#windsparadox #thebeautifuljourney #stephaniespringborn #iwannabeanelectrician #thebrickdandelion #thesentineltrees #cygnet



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