May 29, 2016

Sunday. Sunday. Sunday!

Hello.  What a lovely sentiment, just a “Hello.”  And so it is.  Hello….

They came for the camper today.  I had, of course, created a challenge where one needn’t be by parking the camper behind the garage, blocked by two giant piles of bricks (the remnants of the near-disaster of last summer in which the parapets at the Matthias building needed to be torn down, then rebuilt).  Yes, what followed today had the slight favor of when I tried to go through the drive-through at the Stevens Point Culvers years ago.  Ian and I and Gromit, on a return trip from Waupaca;  exhausted and smelly from emptying the sewer tanks only hours before – I had the brainy -but what I thought was efficient – idea to “whip that baby” into the drive through.  Measure, Steph, really.  

But made it, I did. Made it, they did.  The new owners had surprised me as I was just returning from grocery shopping.  Good thing too.  I had to focus on showing them how to pack it all up:  folding the beds, tucking the canvas and the assortments of jacks and stabilizers.  I never realized, in my slightly stunned state how happy they were.  I cried until they texted me back they had forgotten the extra waste water tank.  I smiled.  Some things never change… 

(It’s a Godsend I never named it.)

camper sofa


I ran into a friend’s spouse at the grocery store.  She is recovering from illness at home.  He and I laughed at the memory of the last time she and I saw each other.  I had been bell-ringing (oh my.. maybe ten years ago?) in front of that superstore during the holidays.  We laughed as my concern was that I prayed I hadn’t been singing out loud at the time (my favorite? Lennon’s “So this is Christmas.”  Yeah, I was that person, with a Santa Claus red hat and downy arctic gear to boot!)  She is the cheeriest, most giving person on this planet.  He and I traced the years which have passed while standing among the vegetables.


Monday, May 30, 2016

How can it possibly be the thirtieth of May? I have the dizzying combination of my mother and ex-husband over to join my son and I for a grilled celebration of both Memorial Day and the beginning of summer.  I must admit I struggle a bit, memories, much less the arrival of company.  Oh, this home is no stranger to any of them, but I wonder if they will feel it too?  She is Eve, my peaceful home in the woods.  With every warmth of the increasingly brighter sun and warmer temperatures, the undergrowth opens a cloaking of green, interrupted only by the dappling of sunlight and shadows of the surrounding leaves.  If I did not know better and could not hear the occasional  gurgle of neighbors’ lawnmowers or shouts from their children, I could be miles away.

It is a home of memories upon memories and the stirring of emotions for me as I get ready. Sweeping the deck from pine needles is a curious process, beginning with the struggle of memories of one year, then three years ago, and many years ago.  I literally have a slow go at it because my head is churning along with my heart.  I am totally disgusted in the time it takes me to do a simple chore.

But I keep going.  And then I remember my writing of opening up the park home after the winter.  I enjoyed every bit of it, always marveling at how well the home weathered the blizzards, ice and then most crucial… the thawing. Today I look upon cushions stored in a deck box and chairs which gathered snowfalls.  They survived.  Very well, matter of fact.

Me too.

My home feels more and more like me.  I don’t even know what that means exactly.  It’s not the result of that golden door moment – poof!  All better!  Perfect!  Hmm. No.  It is very much half-assed, but I would like to think of it as the perfect fixer-upper.  Slowly I am letting go of a camper and furniture and the items du jour – things I do not really need.  I am having what I can take care of with all the love and care I can muster.  Except shoes.  And swimsuits!  (Ok, and hats too.)

At peace – with memories and a mission…

Who could ask for more?

Love and Blessings,


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ps.  Last night? Bats AND toads….nature’s mosquito zappers.. A fairyland of my imagination? You bet.

And for my friend… I will teach myself to run and remember to jump in mud puddles every chance I get..

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