IMG_5985May 15, 2016

“Never mess with Spirit.”  Those words I had written years ago at a time when this wonderful journey of mine was beginning.  Or my life unraveling.  Depends on how a person looks at it.

Ironic then, that on the day of Spirit, the celebration of Holy Pentecost, as I stood among the red bundled pink blossoms, spreading my arms to feel the chill of Wisconsin wind, did I not recall my own lesson.  


You might say I go a little overboard with, well, just about everything when it comes to faith or my soul.  Pentecost is not without exception.  I just shake my head now, as in true spirit form, I could not even remember when my – well, let’s face it – obsession – gasp – with it began.  It had been the day of my own confirmation a day which, in a person’s life, is plentiful enough for celebration.  But throw in Pentecost too?  Well, dear Lord, hold me down.  Totally serious.  Perhaps it is in the sheer joy and passion symbolized on that day.  Seems tailor made, does it not?  In the red of flame and the crystal white of dove’s wings, brought to life in today’s world, in my own little world, of that icy wind and  the promise held in the blossoming of those red buds.

(Don’t even get me started on the ‘speaking in tongues’ part…Yes, and make note, this tendency of mine to make celebrations and general broo-ha might be the reason I am now divorced!) 

But does ones faith end with divorce?   Did I somehow disqualify?  And really, could I honestly and realistically answer those questions?  Or, do the answers only get answered in the revelation of the questions on the test you gave yourself a long time ago….

Red velvet cake.  That was my answer.  Oh, and I did not stop.  Red roses. $12.99 at the local grocery store.  Nope, not done yet.  Red raspberries, red raspberry lemonade, and tacos. (Oops, not so red).  My answer, to a question I did not even know I had, came in the overabundance of red.


To all of you, a lot of a little bit of the spirit of passion and of joy.

Lots of love to all,


#pentecost #thebrickdandelion #redvelvetcake #redisnotdead #beautifuljourney #divorceandrecovery #onewomanslife



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