Love is on my mind… I attended a wedding last night; it was the first such event in a long time for me and the first wedding I have attended since divorcing. Even as I write, I hesitate with the word. “Divorcing”. Verb. “The Divorce.” Not only a noun, but a title. Ew. Perhaps not worthy of mention at all?

As I watched the wedding celebration and all its demonstrations of affection (the kissing and hugging and laughing), I am still wistful and hopeful, but I am also resigned.

I am okay alone.

As a ‘single’, I wandered leisurely and self-indulgently through the crowd, sampling conversations spiced with topics ranging from dresses to do-it-yourself projects. I explored the venue’s historic building and the equally intriguing wine displays. (I sampled there too!) One of the most surprising aspects of my life now is the enjoyment and realization of my enjoyment of those times when I can “mix it all up”. Heaven is enjoying people and conversation, then being able to explore for that perfect spot to sip wine and daydream. And to tap out some writing notes…

Or, to gather up my thoughts and to thank G-d in my own silent way. I thought of the bride who I have known since she was a pre-teen. She has become a self-assured young woman in the best of ways possible. She “holds her own”, yet reaches out to the world in both grace and boldness. I marveled at her and her equal tenderness to her husband. The wedding celebration was thankfully just as unique as the both of them with expressions of their happiness together in books, games and pets.

I sat, happily, with some tears (and some wine!), listening to Sinatra-genre love songs and the pleasant waves of overlapping conversations to arrive at these words on the topic of love:

Dear G-d,
Please Bless them. May they learn and grow and always reach out to hold one another’s hand.
And may they find one shared dream between the two of them. Something wild and crazy.

And giggle. I hope they make each other giggle once in while.

I hope they ride the roller coaster of fighting and making up…starting with the lessons of the bunny slope of rides progressing to the anaconda of all roller coasters.

May they never come to the land of questioning love for one another. May they never even see the gates of it.

No! Scratch that!

They should see the gate of that particular hell, but when they do, may one of them grab the others hand to pull their partner’s soul closer to their own.
May they press into each other time and time again.(You can take that however you wish!)

May they choose the wild open road that they alone together pave.

Yes, may they start “fires” of passion but more so, may they share yawns. May they wipe noses. May they learn to love to kiss toes.

Yep. Amen.



FullSizeRender (96)

I am rather fascinated by the appearance of blooming Easter lilies among daisies and weeds in my makeshift flower garden… Here, in mid-October, despite the freezes of autumn evenings and my neglect of them, they bloom… 

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