Hello world!

Wow! Hello!

First, please permit me to share with you how honored I am that your eyes meet my words!  (Lovely thought as I begin writing.)  And because I would never assume to enrapture nor captivate nor be clever enough for intrigue;  if I had one last sentence to write;  if you read no further or never return here I would write these words:

….Sorry.  Actually if I could ever think that efficiently life might be simpler.  And I would not write.  (Shudder).  So that’s why I blog.  I have stuff to say. But my purpose is greater than just opening up the floodgates.  I wish to provide a spot for hope and humor.  We are all each alone yet not.  We are never truly alone.  Yet, we are.  Birthed and will expire.  Alone.


I really hope for a return of your eyes to my blog!  A journey! Together! (See? Evidence of not being alone!)  We could call it a virtual life’s road trip!  No guarantee of air conditioning or fair weather, but I can promise stories…

And good music.

Thought for today:  As my community celebrates our local high school’s “Homecoming”, I need to state the obvious as it is the perfect beginning (Hey, you do not wish to ‘road trip’ coast to coast, first time out…no, let’s do little jaunts.)  The best homecoming is coming home…..to oneself.  Be your home.

With as much love and grace as I can possibly muster ~


Oops. Almost forgot:  Thank you! (wink).

(September 26, 2015)

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